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The line snakes around the block – twice – circling, waiting patiently or not. Thankfully, the rain has stopped. The Vietnamese seniors, younger blacks and whites, single men, women – children must be in school – no babes in arms or strollers – many eyes cast down, and most in dark shabby dress. the directors, volunteers in yellow vests, move the crowd along, leave a passage way open on the sidewalk for others to pass through. The wait is long, the crowd is silent in places, and loud and jostling in others – depending on who is in the locale. an argument breaks out, but most are low-key. Other yelling this morning, and i thought the protesters were back across the street, at the Hilton hotel, the last swanky place before the neighbourhood declines and turns to hostels and SROs and other rooming houses inhabited by those on budgets and the poor. I walk outside, for my morning cigarette, pass through the line that crosses the door of where i stay, walk around another block, and pass back through, into a door – but i know that i am really no different that them – of maybe i am, for most have a home of sorts, and an expectation of a holiday dinner coming up. And those who wait for hours it seems, in a sky that threatens rain, wait for that red bag that some now carry along, a christmas food hamper and this is part of the seasons routine. The waiting outside for hours in a line to announce your plight to the world, but at least in the area, the poor and down and out are accepted for who they are, and are still allowed to live here.

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