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I hibernate in my den for a few days – back at the Happy Bear, in a den. The season has turned. the leaves fallen away, the rains come down and the temperature drops. For a couple of days I stay mainly within.

At times it feels sad this season, the glorious displays of colour dropping away, the oranges, yellow and reds that had once been green, now shades of brown beneath our feet. Energy drops, goes to the roots, the depths beneath the surface

But I also know the life is rich there, even if it is unseen. And there in the woods, the forests, are vast underground communications networks linking tree to tree, the fungi and more, part of an interconnected whole. A whole of many beings, part of the larger whole, that includes me.

I know I will not hibernate for long. Yet in this season my external activity slows, and I commune in other ways. The nights are longer, and soon the veil thins. As we approach halloween, Samhain, the Days of the Dead, the days of All Saints and All Souls.

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Falling Leaves

It is fleeting this season. I pause on the path, a few leaves are dancing in the air, making their way down to earth. It stops and starts again, a dance, a joyous dance and I find a rock to sit upon and watch the falling of autumn – shapes and colours swirl in the air for a moment until stillness comes again. Birds begin to sing.

Perhaps it is because we know it is so fleeting and transitional that we cherish these moments so.

If the leaves were always these colours would it be so precious? Yes, we would love them, but would we notice and engage to the same degree – not assuming that all would change from one day to the next?

I think of the forests of the west, evergreen of so many types, trees I love, engage with, yet there is a greater sense of stability.

Leaves falling, to nourish the earth, the soils in which the trees grow, the coming generations of leaves – the cycle of life

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The Season Progresses

The season progresses, the leaves making their way to earth, a carpet, protecting and nurturing, for the seasons to come

The trees now stand increasingly exposed- becoming naked, revealing their skeletons, their bones. To love them just as much now that their finery, their flashy dress, has fallen away. Energy returns to the roots


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Joy on a fall day

I feel so happy in this moment, my cup overflowing with joy. I see the beauty that surrounds and feel connected to the spirit in all. The leaves shine brightly on the trees and flutter in the wind on this late fall day. I feed the cycle of beauty through appreciation and gratitude and by sharing that which has welled up inside. The wind blows strong, and just as the trees cannot cling to the leaves that flutter to the ground, I cannot cling to this moment. But just as the fallen leaves nurture the soil in their decay and contribute to new cycles of growth, i know this moment and the ever fading memories of it will nurture me in any dark days that may lay ahead. The moment is fleeting, but it is, and i am so grateful for that light which shines.

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