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The day i left Montara i felt the energies shifting again, the ground less stable and a low-lying feeling of dread – like something was about to give. A storm was coming in that morning, and arrived by late afternoon, but by then i was another world away, returning to the place where i had come from. but like my experience walking the labyrinth several nights before, i did not feel like quite the same person when i got back to the center again.

I had not planned to return to san francisco right away, but it had been in the back of my mind, and my journey led me that way. i had looked up first night on the internet, and thought of going to monterey, but with transit connections, it could be tough, or mean a very long layover, if i tried to in a single day. Now santa cruz was mid way, and for a while i convinced myself that i needed to face the energies there – the ones that had knocked me over and down on previous visits – to greet them head on and push through. But the lord told me no by blocking me path – and i returned to the city by the bay.

Cell reception was iffy at the hostel on the point, a weak signal coming in and out. i tried over and over to call the hostel in santa cruz, but they did not pick up the phone. so i called the orange villa in san francisco – tried to make reservations there – would be easier online, but could not change the dates to “today”, and got cut off several times – but the woman called me back, and left a voice mail, yes they would hold a bed until i got there – so helpful and friendly, i was glad to go.

That morning as i sat by the ocean, a bit in panic mode, i felt something was going to go, and that feeling of quake dread came up, a shift in the land and the air and more. i walked into the little town of montara and caught the bus to pacifica – wanting to get out of there – onimous feelings coming up, and as i rode the few twisting miles on the cliffs by the ocean, i wondered if i were getting out just in time. the transit exchange in pacifica is by the ocean and on low ground. I had 40 minutes to wait for my next bus, and as i did i felt all becoming less solid again – and felt like i did that day in Crescent City last July, when i just had to head inland. a few had warned me of new age predictions for a quake following the lunar eclipse, but from what i felt and watching the animals, I did not feel anything ominous before in that respect despite the energies that were pulsing in. But now i began to wonder, for it felt like something was about to give. I wanted to make it inland before all gave way. I seemed to be in a twilight zone under the grey hazy sky, and the atmosphere of pacifica – poorer and more multi-ethnic – was a world away from the zone i had just left.

I got into the city, riding BART from Daly City – collapse on my mind at first, but after i went through the tunnels that took me to the center, it dissipated somewhat – and as i emerged at powell station – my main question was why am i here? But i felt the call to walk around with the drizzle and all.

I was called to the civic center area, where i have felt “something there” many a time on previous visits to the city. There is a pulse, beyond or beneath the buildings and people and the large open square, and once again i wondered about underground streams or fractures of something more. And i also asked why this locale was chosen for the impressive buildings and governing center. In the area and on Larkin St – i feel a sense of being which i cannot describe.

There was feeling of ground slipping as i walked west on market street between the civic center and the castro. As grey turns to drizzle and to rain, the ground seems less firm, and i return to a twilight zone. The sense of all not really being as it seems returned and i like i felt like i did in seattle this spring the first few days near pikes place market. all feels surreal, i wonder if it will dissolve. The rain comes down more, so i go for a coffee and a bite to eat, and re-emerge on the concrete streets, walking in the light rain. night is coming, i return to my room, and the skies open up and pour down below. And by the next morning i feel something has changed, though the land did not give out that night.

The next morning i walked out again, to the library in the civic center area, and then beyond through hayes valley, walking a street i rarely did. i turn a corner, pick up a coffee, and sit down. Suddenly a stillness and peace came upon me – that i had not felt in a long time – a true presence and calm that felt so new to me, and i radiated in that for a while – being truly present and at one with it all.

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I am back in Antigua. Yesterday the walls moved again, the earth shook for a short while, as i stood in the same room where i had been almost a month ago when the shaking was longer and more intense – but this time i did not fear, the movement of the earth, something in perpetual motion, only most of the time we do not feel it, but as of late i have been feeling something, a shifting of sorts, in the air, in the dimensions, is it always something that is going on, is it part of the earth shift they talk about with 2012, is it me. but i have been feeling the solidity unravel beneath me and around me at times, on the lake (Atitlan), or walking down the street where suddenly all seems slightly wavey or ultraclear.

At times in my bed, here, in san marcos, in xela and elsewhere, i have felt a subtle rocking, like on a boat on a calm sea. Wondering if it is the subtle movements that i feel. or if there is a greater change in place. a few weeks ago in San Pedro La Laguna as i sat on the internet (no not on the internet, but on a chair in front of a computer) the time shifted, became slow for a moment, slightly unreal, the power flipped, and it seemed an eternity, but when it was over only a few minutes had passed. I had been at a retreat at las pirimides in san marcos, where discussion of dimensions and more was common, so was more open to feeling this, or more specifically to owning the feeling – for i have sensed it before – but been afraid to voice or type or write it.

And the earth moves, and there are so many dimensions of existence, which we are not trained to see, and actively deny, but i cannot not write about them any more. Are we shifting to a new dimension? How does the energy shift and move, become contained and flow.

One day on the lake i saw all crystal clear, glowing, enhanced 3-d and then on another all seemed less solid –
more questions than answers but i have so many posts not written from the past month, that i will send this one now.

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The earth shook today

The earth shook today, and i feel that the energy has changed – something in the air or in the earth that has been released – something that feels different, and i wonder if there is more to come.
I had overslept this morning, was to take the chicken bus to Xela (Quetzaltenango) but lay in my bed in that in between zone that has claimed me of late, and i puttered, had breakfast, and was packing up, standing in the dorm talking, wondering if i wanted to take the journey, feeling it is time for another place, but not wanting to deal with the getting there, so chatting with a girl from ireland around 10am, the wall to my left shook, thought that someone was banging on it, something had fallen, looked at each other and started to talk, and then the walls around started to shake, we stood chatting, i think this is an earthquake, not moving or doing anything, just watching the walls, then hit us to step out of the room into the courtyard and then it stopped. Sat in the courtyard chatting to the woman who owns the hostel – not one that strong in a while she said, mini quakes are frequent here in this city, but that was strong, the volcanos around, we get alot. Still, this was something, we stood there for a while and knew nothing more so went back in. Was later, so stayed another night.
Went outside later, a guy had looked it up, was a 6.0 and i was surprised that it was that strong, first real quake i have felt (have experienced small tremors a few times) and while the building shook, nothing was destroyed – and then i learned it was near the montericco, which is a beach town on the Pacific – so it was not related to the volcanoes, and was a deep quake what ever that means.
So the energy feels different. In this seismic zone, often surrounded by volcanoes, and having come from an area that had been devastated by a hurricane a few years back, and in all cities i have been in, seeing the remnants of historic shells, churches etc destroyed – often multiple times by quakes, and knowing that so much has been knocked down and rebuilt – or not, i have been conscious of the earth´s movement. many nights as i lay in bed, quiet before sleep sets in, i have felt a slight rocking or shifting of the earth, like being in a boat on a calm sea, and now i believe that it was nt my imagination, for the earth is alive here.
Last week as i was walking around, a few large churches which i visited, but they only shells of what stood before, the ruins you can visit at the back of the cathedral on the main square, at the back of the san fransisco church and old convent and those that stand as reminders around the town. How little permanency all has. And having come up through the zones, cartago s many cities in costa rica, managua without a centre, everywhere. And of course the shock of Haiti last week, a country where you expect more natural and human disasters, but nt a quake, and that was a shock and brought it more to mind – especially since i had finally seen the movie 2010 a few nights before.

But the quake was good, as we all were saying, a release of the energy contained inside, as tremors are helpful, not let it build up, release it slowly, but how much is t go. I still have not been up the volcan pacaya, where you can see the lava flow, a bit less close these days as there are more rocks shooting out.

The earth shook today, and it will shake again, and i believe i will feel it. And now the air feels more alive, intense, like after a lightning storm, when the crackling breaks the heat and stillness of the sky.

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