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The energies came over me – pulsing through as i came into view of the pillar point air force station – pain in my wrist, my back, a strange headache when near an antenna outside the base but that belonged to it. all was so intense and i was so driven to find out more – but that was now 4 days ago, and i am in another locale and what i experienced now slips away from me. The energy was strong when i first got to the area, and i felt hit all over – at the point montara lighthouse just before christmas, in the aftermath of the eclipse i felt attacked by some strange energetic force – hitting my solar plexus and grabbing onto my tongue. but that had passed and i was now out walking on a sunny day – feeling the calm after the rain and wind storm of christmas day, and the internal storms of the previous week.

many were out walking on the sunday after christmas but i felt uneasy in the land – pulses and slippings off and on since i had been by seal cove and sat out by montara lighthouse when i first arrived here. Still i walked back and felt drawn towards that other point, with surreal radar station with antennas and large white balls on the edge of a pennisula marking the north end of half moon bay. and from the map i see that i could follow side streets and a path way all the way there. I walked through moss beach and the main area fitzgerald marine park, looked at the seals down the cliff once again, and followed the path out to the other side, and down more streets, until it started up again, I found ocean avenue which was blocked off, but then saw many people and dogs walking and realized it was now a footpath – at some point it had buckled and cracked and was now closed and overgrown, and i began thinking about earthquakes and faults that dotted the land, at this point i did not yet know, that the san gregorio fault, also known as the seal cove fault, came on land right here in this area, between the park and the point. The second part of the park was up ahead, rolling cliffs on land being restored over the sea. dogs and people passing through. the sun began to give way to grey. walking towards the point i began to feel uneasy – a sign says trail ends here but people and dogs kept going on, and others were coming from there. it was just a sign, saying trail ends, private property, but nothing about no trespassing, and the trail was just as wide as before. Still, i had been feeling pulses in different locales, and something more came on as i neared the end – before the road and parking lot for the marsh lands and the trail out the base of pillar point.

a strange headache came up, a searing pain in my right wrist, more that is now a blur, but i felt unbalanced physically, and stumbled a bit on the trail. after i went down to where the cars were and into town it went away. i went by the marsh, and had to cross a polluted stream where dogs swam to get to the beach that connected to the town which was busy on this holiday. interacted with the town a bit and then went back over the bluff – again felt pain in joints, the wrist again, strange pains up and down my back and felt like i had to puke – walked on felt uneasy but then it went away. I sat down on a bench and called on the angels of light to help heal this land and felt calmer then.

Still that night i had to find out more – just what were these radars and this base, and could it be linked to what i had felt when i first arrived. This is a bit of what i learned:

“The Pillar Point AN/FPQ-6 and AN/MPS-36 radars are highly accurate G-band radars owned by the VAFB’s [Vandenberg Air Force Base] Western Range (WR). These radars can be used for tracking objects off the coast of central California. Data from the Point Mugu and VAFB metric radars are exchanged over 16 multiplexed channels for TSPI track and sensor positioning.
The AN/FPQ-6 is a Missile Precision Instrumentation Radar (MIPIR) class monopulse tracking radar used to provide position data on aircraft, missiles, space boosters, and orbiting bodies. The site can track in either skin mode or in conjunction with vehicle-borne transponders. The radar’s large antenna and high power coherent transmitter make the site’s data quality very high. The sensor can also provide Doppler-derived range rate data on skin or coherent transponder tracks. Non-owners may utilize the services of the radar, but site operations and maintenance is limited to the Western Range contractor.

The California Coast has few protective points. Pillar Point is one of them. The Point at night with its string of lights looks like the largest battleship in the American fleet. Source globalsecurity.org.

The property owned by the U.S. Air Force continues to be used as part of the missile tracking installation. Four of the remaining seven acres are currently owned by the San Mateo Harbor District and are being developed into a wetlands habitat. The remaining three acres are privately owned and undeveloped. ”

And i learned that Pillar Point is used for telemetry systems -. receiving and recording stations at vandenberg afb and pillar point afs with their associated antennas aquire record and transmit telemetry data to the vandenberg data processing equipment through microwave data transmission systems; metric tracking – radar tracking for range safety and as a command control center.

I began to wonder if it was the wavelengths themselves that could be hitting me (the area is closed at night) as i know that when i arrive in a city after being in more isolated areas i can feel blown away by the electromagentic smog for a few days. I also wondered what messages could have been conveyed over those radars those nights – from where and of what quality and intent. Those answers i do not know and may never know … but i can’t help wondering. The light still shown and turned at the short lighthouse as i sat on a bench on a cliff over the sea, and there was a spot as i walked i a direct inland path from the lighthouse towards the building where i slept, that the land just felt a bit less firm. I looked behind at the old bunker behind bench and remembered the land has also once been owned by the airforce.

And it was also then that i learned that i was almost on top of an active fault – the seal cove fault – part of the san gregorio fault – and had certainly been when i had been out walking that day – was i picking up on the earths vibrations here? i’m sure i was. and then i had to ask, why was that airforce tracking station located right there – where the fault line goes out to sea? and the main base is also located in an area of numerous faults. Could there be communication from the skies to the center of the earth, or do the faults help with communications? This lighthouse where i stay has once been air force property and was there any link here? were the faults becoming more active? but the next day, when i had to go back again, i saw that the seals and the other animals were calm.

i stayed another day – determined to take the walk below the point to see what i felt. I felt some trepidation about this, and seriously wondered if i would be harmed, but i was driven strongly be the need to discover more. something was pushing or pulling me forwards towards the point. as i walked through the park and by the seals i was tempted to turn around, and again on the roadway that has buckled somtime ago, but as i approached the high bluff, i called on god, and the angels of wisdom, love and light to protect me and to help me transmit that energy. The park was emptier that day – and in the beginning felt eerie to me, but i kept on calling on the angels to guide me forth. i walked with awareness of the fault that cut through the land, and of the air force station, and felt the vibrations less intensely. Again i felt land slipping in a few locales and different pulses from the land(but that happens other places for me as well),but the negative thought forms that siezed me before stayed away. below the point i found dogs and people walking along, and wondered if it had all been a dream. i had walked further out towards the ocean that day, and not was close to the antenna, but when i passed under its shadow on the road, i felt my shoulders begin to dance, and waves pulse through once again and energy coming on strong. then i remembered the maps i had looked at the night before, and it occured to me this antenna must be standing precisely on top of the fault. I then went to the town of pillar point and caught a bus to the hostel.

i don’t know what the energies were – and as always words fail me, and now i know something came through me, but feel as if my memory has been erased. or is it now that i have moved on, and through different locales, so it is a blur once more, the intensity of all having slipped away.

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There are people of the earth, embedded in the land, as much as part of it as the trees and the plants around, the dust and dirt of the ground, and the animals that wander around – the chickens and pigs and dogs and cows and butterflies that make up the land. They seem a part of it, grown from the land, like corn, or molded from clay or dust, nurtured and formed by it, inseparable – though we have too often split them off as we ourselves are cut off from the earth from which we come – the peasants of the lands, the hunters and gathers from time before, those who are a part of a place and a place a part of them with feet attached, like the roots of trees, integrated with the fauna, no real difference between inside and out, all a continuation, a whole, a village, animals wander in and out, horses for transport and motor bikes, the new coming in, like the tv or the stereo or the single compact florescent lightbulb, homes blend into yards into fields, all united, are part of the whole and the whole a part of the one. Like the bananas that once did not grow here but are everywhere, the corn that was part of them, but is often now pinto gallo the food that is them, along with the coca cola. I stand on the road, on Ometepe, in another world – men with machetes to harvest bananas, a oxcart, ride the horse, the bicycle, load and unload, up to the coffee fields, narrow paths through the bananas, coffee, elsewhere, that lead to simple homes, wash the clothes by the river. The peasantry of here, of europe of asia even once upon a time in america – and what have we lost,. i look on, knowing i am not part of the place, an outsider who passes through and observes. The poor yes, but there is something there – men, women, children, the old wrinkled woman comes through, babes in arms, kids wanders free like the animals – there is something there.

The salt of the earth, the people who are embedded in place. Yes the poor will always be with you, the humble poor, who get by, and live and know their lives intimately, know the land from which they come and where they will go – not an east live, but it flows on, it flows on, nothing in a hurry, nothing seems to rush, work gets done, toil is hard, but is for a reason, the necessities of life, a beingness i sense there, a presence in the place. Moving calmly, know where and when the moon will rise and set, and what the clouds bring in – connected to something more. Poverty a fact of life, how you live, may want for more, but life is life, at the moment life is peace – it has not always been that way.

but then i travel through zones where the land seems more harsh, harder to eke out a simple life, faces harder, something else is there.

And when this life is removed from the land, the growing slums of the cities and towns, or even just the neighborhoods, where life seems different – though try to live the same – the market women with the aprons around the waist, baskets in arms or on the heads, plastic coolers, and plastic lunch pails of tamales or corn, but the more urban you go, the less whole and important and grand these women seem and the workaday clothes of the men seem shabby and the reason for living, the basis of who you are, seems less secure, less rooted in place. I see that going into the towns where it is messy, clothes hung out on lines or draped over bushes to dry no longer seems in place, though it is there. And the market women seem like the shop girls of home, gossip, no longer grand – and with money does the life slip away, more comfortable, but less rooted.

And when they are stripped out of the land, what is left, a decline, a loss and rootlessness for the roots that were firmly planted and nourished life have been yanked out, the root shock, drying, shrivelling, drying, how strong are they, how well can they thrive in the new land, and how much transplanting can go on.

And there are people of the sea, for whom the salt is part of the blood, the tides rising and falling, out to sea, to catch a fish, communities build by the water.

And i have not been rooted, and so many of my ilk are not- i take it to the extreme, wandering the lands, not connected to a place, but yearning inside for that place i belong.
In the north it seems so many have been stripped away for so long, no longer know what is there, don´t know the rhythms of the earth, sky, water and air, though many yearn for it, the camping, hunting, trips to the countryside or nature resorts, and i wonder what we have done – how much is really an advance. I think of the decline of farms in North America over the last generation, of fishing towns, even of places where people lived by stripping away trees, of the natives i met in alaska, the way of life no longer there, and i sense a collective loss a loss of knowing who we are – but we were all connected for there have always been those who have been removed through wealth, and life, the elites of the land, protected from the dailyness, and i know that those of us who have never been there cannot go back, for there is no back.

And walking around the island, and riding the dilapidated buses, i had some hard looks – as well as friendly hellos, and i wonder if it is resentment over the wealth i represent or if i am seen as a threat to the lives they lead – for land is being bought up and north american values and things enter in. And there there is helpfulness, room for more on a bus, sharing, and family. And how can you bring in the best of the new while keeping the best of what was there – adopting only what you wish – yes, cell phones, internet in the towns, lights for night, trucks and more without losing the soul.

I am now in a city, but i know as i travel this new land, i will encounter this question more, out into the villages, many which were wiped out and the maya here put into ¨model villages¨in an attempt to strip them of their ways in the 80s. I wonder what i will encounter.

For people of the world, lived as the salt of the earth for how many thousands (millions) of years, and being in these ¨third world¨ places i also wonder to what extent we may have lost our way.

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