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It’s amazing what a difference a few blocks or a mile can make in a city. You can walk just a short distance and transport yourself to another world. From downtrodden poverty to yuppie riches, from the shore to the canyons of tall building to parks. From a zone where people come to visit or work to a neighbourhood where people live. And today i passed through all of that and discovered an area that was new to me only a few blocks from where i had trod before and that discovery of the “new” helped change my frame of mind (or perhaps because my mind needed to be changed, i stumbled onto something new.)

Actually i walked several different blocks today, but the first through belltown and the core and across the denny street bridge for the first time, but that seemed like more of the same, although i entered the new Whole Foods store. I wandered its aisles and explored, had eaten so i didn’t shop and was temporarily enthralled by what i had found and told myself i would stop back there. Although i had my morning coffee and played on the internet at a cafe i discovered yesterday, there is little new i have discovered in Seattle this time. I’ve walked to places i’ve been before, to Fremont, and along the water to Ballard, and yes a new coffee shop there, and to the docks where i had been before, watching the various boats pass through, and yes i like that place, it made me smile, but did not enthrall and i walked somewhat blind. The main rediscovery that got me enthused was my going into Fred Meyers, a huge grocery and general store, a chain mainly in Oregon, with both reasonable prices and some of the food i love.

And this afternoon after walking on the shore, i made the trip up to one section of capital hill and a cafe i discovered about a week ago (and after several times there the thrill had worn off, and while nice was not as special as before) and made my way up to Volunteer Park where i had felt the trees as energy before. Today was different, it was sunny and warm verging on hot, and i lay on the grass where others picnicked and lay, alone, with friends and/or with their dogs and took a nap. it felt so good to just lay in the sun, as i had been down by the water and the grass had been wet. I wanted to write, but i felt unenthused about where i was and where i might go. I got up and had to pee and walked to an area of the park where i had not been before.

And then i crossed out the other side, tree line streets and well maintained huge single family victorians with gardens on tree lined streets. It was just after five and children were playing on the sidewalks – and i smiled inside. Though only about a mile or so from the downtown it was a very different world. i wanted to write so i went back into the park and sat on the grass in an emptier area in earshot of the traffic that passed by on 15th Avenue. I started to scribbled about how unenthused i was, about this place and places around, feeling like i had seen all before, some had been wonderful, some merely interesting, but it felt like old ruts and time to move on. I needed to write, had not really done so in a few days, but did not want to feed that energy anymore.

I was going to go back to where i stay, but decided to walk along the road, not sure where i was, but had seen a bus that with the destination “downtown” so i could follow the route if i got misplaced or was further out than i thought. I walked back along 15th avenue where there were cafes and restos an i stumbled on a herbal shop – with teas and tinctures and so much more and browsed and bought some tea – reading ingredients on all the packs felt some enthusiasm coming back in. And down the street, past grocery stores and trees and more – all a fresh sight to my eyes until got to a corner where i had been before.

I realized i was happier then i had been in a few days. the street served as a reminder that there is always more to explore, and discoveries no matter how small are available everyday. although a cloud may come to my eyes, with that feeling of ennui, i have not seen or experienced everything. Sometimes you do not need to journey far, but to just step out in a slightly different direction, or onto an adjacent path, for your enthusiasm to be awakened again. For a walk through the landscape of the city, is like a walk through your own mind – at times you need to break out and explore some unfamiliar territory. it might just be a short meander, that brings you back to where you know, but you see it all in a different light. It could be the beginning of a new path, or it might just be a temporary change. Sometimes your mind can shift, as you stumble upon something you forgot was there , like the Fred Meyers store, but other times you need a  to catch your eye.

I walked down Pike, on blocks i had not been before, and realized there was more to Capitol Hill than i had seen on my previous forays, generally walking familiar streets. (though the streets that are familiar were once unknown to me). I found the Value Village thrift shop i had not found and had meant to check out. I said i didn’t feel like shopping but went on in, and am so happy i did. I found quality shoes in my size, that i desperately need a pair of slip on clogs to replace the ripped running shoes and a pair of sandals to replace those whose soles are coming apart despite all the glue, and a pair of pants that fit to replace the cords i have with the waft mainly gone. I went to another grocery store, large and reasonable priced (unlike the one downtown), bought some dinner, and felt like a new woman for a while. Yes, a little stretch of the boundaries can do one some good, and i know it was not necessarily the street per se, but that i had taken a step out of the zone i had been in.

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