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Who are the newcomers and how do we welcome them? Who are they and from where do they come? Are they many, an influx coming in, or a few, trickles from here and there. Do we see a similarity and kinship or foreignness and difference? What do they bring? what do they need? what are their gifts? what do they lack? Refugees fleeing conflict? Those seeking an opportunity, if not for themselves, for their offspring, a better way of living and how is that defined? Those who seek to join in, to bring in new ideas and energies – respecting, or not respecting, those which are there? Those who come to conquer, to make a place theirs? movement between lands and worlds, migration of many sorts – and just what is an alien – illegal, national, or without a prefix or suffix?

Those of us who are here, who came before, once newcomers ourselves, or in our ancestry, do we welcome them, do we feel threatened, and just how does the fabric of a place change?

New humans are coming in and what we see in the material world with migration, immigration, the world that has become global with borders that have both dissolved and fortified, is also happening on an intergalactic scale. And for all, both old and new, there have been many teaching from known history, from what has happened in the real – have we learned, can we learn, or do we repeat what has come before. For all is interconnected, all is part of the one.

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I walked and moved on the beach this morning and i felt so alive, the energy moving through my body, at one and at peace with all, and could feel the shifts inside. But somehow i cannot write about it, this hostel is loud, and i feel energized and unfocused once again. So this entry is a mishmash.

I am in seaside Oregon where i avoided coming on this trip. When i bought the bus ticket i felt my energy begin to shift, the heart chakra had movement and a slight smile upon my face. And when i went to bed last night i felt the presence come onto me. And today i walked along, against the wind to the south end of the beach, the tide was approaching low and i went into a meditative zone. The smile was deep, my shoulders moved onto themselves, my eyes blinked, my jaw loosened up and spirit rushed in as it has in this location before. I was one, and walked following my feet, huge clouds loomed over and i thought it threatened rain. but i sat and i sang and i danced around and was at one with the all. The world seemed brighter and crisper, and then i closed my eyes and was in the all. My mind would pop up, go buy groceries now, get closer before the sky opens up, get a coffee and write, but i would slip back into this transformative zone, the energetic shift slowly taking place, my nose and face aligning too and let it be. but slowly with my mind I found myself walking into the town, and would pause and let the waves pass though me. A wide smile appeared on my face and i smiled at the people and dogs around, Part of me wanted to stay on the beach, and part of me pressed towards town, and i soon left the magic place i was in. In town waves came on me, and i was calm and happy as i bought food and grocery shopped. The rain did not come and i headed back on down, but the moment was not as it had been before. Did i let my mind pull me from completing another shift, or had i taken all in that i could right then. On the way up to the store my shoulders ached, from the release of what they held, and then on the way back i was carrying so much more and felt weighted down. I was and am still calm, but the moment had passed. I walked closer to the water and looked at the designs made by the sea foam, an amazing design and i wanted to take a photo of it. But by the time i had dug my camera from the bottom of my backpack, the wind had blown the image away. I saw some amazing images of faces in more sea foam, temporary images that remained me that the moment is just that, a moment, and what is there can pass away.

I came back to the hostel and then back to the beach and then took a nap, tired from the energy or phase in the dimension shift, and felt it continue to come through me and i thanked the lord for the process.

I thought of when i had spent all that time here before, the magic i felt at times in that place on the beach (other times a different presence was felt) and of energetic jolts i did not understand, and of dancing and singing and playing in the rain and winter wind, and realizing why i had stayed all that time. And i know i am back in the process and never really left, and to have faith that god will guide me through rest of my journey along. And i feel lighter now, and this entry is jumbled, but i will put it out anyways to share the joy.

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I left Port Townsend this morning and feel my energy shifting once again. I am now in Seattle and energy pulses, flows and rushes though my being, the ground at times unstable under my feet though i walk along the concrete sidewalks. I feel lighter all around even though grey skies have returned. I know it is not just being in the city with all that vibrates here, for the loosening in my joints began shortly after the bus pulled out-of-town. From heavy, clogged and dense, my joints – my shoulders and hips especially, seemed so loose and freely moving and they still do. The full movement back into my left shoulder – that problem one that speaks to me often, and now is so free. And the lightness, like that something heavy that was clinging on to me and holding me down with that thick  haze that surrounds, has let go – maybe just for a while. and even my hands feel different as i type this. And the blinking is back too, that blinking that just comes on and with it a shift in the brain and a sense of activation and lightness inside. And breathing comes easier as i feel my nose opening up, becoming wider at the top of the brow – though when i look in the mirror it is the same, (and this has happened to me a few times as of late when the energy pulsed through) and the contractions around the third eye. my head turns more easily, though the neck still crunches a bit, and i feel that movement through me once again – that movement that i thought had been lost, but i must remember all is temporary and part of the journey. The tightness in my lower back, the condensation at the base of my spine has loosened up, allowing energy to flow. And is this part of the dimension or energy or ascension shift I read about?

Is it just the heaviness that i felt out there lifting off me? Was it the place, my relation to it, or just returning for a moment to the past? Was it the letting go? (still have two entries from port townsend that need to be posted) I don’t really know, but i once again feel that shifting inside. Was what i felt there just a temporary retreat? Am i now ready to move on? But i’m sure it will continue to shift back and forth and to just maintain faith in the process.

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I walk along the street by Pikes Place Market. I feel as if this is all a dream, an illusion of my mind. Somehow all does not seem quite real, but fuzzy and hazy like the day. It feels like a bubble floating in space with the container made by the low clouds. The air is heavy, all moves more slow. I feel like i am in twilight zone. Maybe it is because that is the colour of the day, but i feel that i have entered another space. A fog merely created by my eyes.

Clouds loom low. Air is dense  – I feel like i am pushing through its thickness. All is unreal though i walk on the sidewalk, people pass by, clearer and crisper than the rest, tangible in 3D and i hear the sounds of cars. The buildings and more seem untouchable like a backdrop to a stage, only as dense as the air around. And time moves so slow.

I enter into a zone of darkness and another life. In some ways feel like i have returned to a nightmare. It is similar to the what happened in Yosemite, but the mood is oh so different.  I have returned to another dream – left one behind, and now find myself here, slower, and thicker i push through the air. For as i leave one zone, and enter another, i remember only fragments of that which lay before; like waking up in the morning and remembering bits and pieces of your night dream.

And i wonder i all is really an illusion, a fragment of my mind. The aborigines have said that life is but a dream, and in some eastern philophies all is maya, a grand illusion and more and more that is the way it feels to me. Something i have created, a lens i have made up, all around just a physical manifestation of my mind.

I wonder if i am not a “ghost” ,if i am really here, if i have passed on and cannot let go, if all is an illusion in my eyes. If i am but a soul left behind. The moment has the quality of the motion pictures when a ghost shuffles by or one enters another zone, And for a moment i wonder if this is so. And am i just going through visiting places of my life, a type of purgatory where the visions seem so real. Or maybe why these visions come more and more to me, is that i am getting ready to leave.

And maybe we all are “ghosts” souls from somewhere else, just visiting here in a nightdream of a much longer day. And are the different parts and places of my life, which sometimes seem so disconnected, but parts of different ongoing dreams.

As i type this i have stepped out of that space, sit inside, where all feels material and i know that in this life on earth there are real material things – food to quench my hunger, money to live and the dampness that enters my bones. And although i have once again returned to this plane, will i ever truly see the world the same again. For i have tasted this before, and pushed it aside, but these revelations, i can no longer deny.

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Energy rushes through and jitters around. I feel it flowing, in spurts, unevenly, through my veins and joints. I feel something off kilter in the air or in the ground, and i know i have felt it before, on my previous visits here – but never so intensely. The energy feels chaotic, and messy. Much more alive than when i was in monterey just down the coast – too alive, kinetic and frenetic.

The vibrations are disorganized as my thoughts are becoming – disorganized like the lives of so many here that you see on the sidewalk and on the buses and walking around and i have come into that and feel different, sicker every day. Or am i feeling better, clearing out processes and thoughts, all rushing through. In any case the energy is alive and strong and strange. And i feel off balance as i sense the earth shifting below my feet, the world becoming less dense for a moment or two.  Or is this an opening, for i have felt the energy flowing through, the loosening of joints and emotions pouring out and within. Is this liberation, a clearing out of what has been held inside for too long. Is this the energetic restructuring that so many new agers write about? I Felt the spurts in the kitchen my first night here, and wondered if it were the fridge gone amok, but it was outside. And at night i slept and slept, 10 plus hours and wanting more. And it was not just the change in the weather.

Is it the bay, the land, the people, or maybe just the position of the stars? though i have felt this way here before. Is it my activities though they were different this time. I feel a rushing, and a lightness and the earth becoming less dense like it is slipping away for just a moment. And i remember that feeling from the first time i was here, thought it was hunger, but there was also soon to be a small quake. And the energy seems unstable, as it did so many places in Central America – the land of earthquakes, volcanoes, and turmoil, a land that is unstable. But the quality here feels different, its vibration may be at the same speed, but the tone is not. However, it reminds me of what i felt on lake atitlan, and there i felt something processing through, something powerful and of whose quality i was unsure.

And i wonder – is it the energy of the people around – thought forms floating through space, thought forms that i pick up on and feed upon? (but now that i finish this in San Francisco, in the tenderloin, where so many are so far gone, i know that it is not just that for i am not effected the same way here). It could be partially, the chaotic thoughts of many, intensified, but it is more. There is something about this place that draws people in and chews some of them up.

The energy here calls you in, takes you over – if you are open – and possibly churns you up and pushes you away, and transforms you. It twinkles brightly, and then shoots out in spurts. Santa Cruz is a place of eccentrics. Are they/we drawn here by the energy, or does the energy which is here make people more eccentric, pushing too many over the edge. A diffuse energy that opens one up to a sense of the new but that bounces around in a way that some cannot handle. It is a place where so many are different, that it is ok to let go. But is it a letting go, or a push. And can i let go? Am i meant to? What is it in the air?

 Does it take from all who feel it, or have we just not learned to work with it, to be freed by it. Would it be more liberating if we just let go. That there are so many competing chaotic thought forms here that it makes it all ok to let loose. And is it not letting it reach out and push through, an incomplete transformation that leaves to many – well partial? Or is there a clinging of other darker energy that prevents it from taking hold? Or is it just a craziness?

For some of the vibrations are harsh, on the street signs i wrote about, with all the nos and in some of the young street punks, who look so hard, and so strung out. The young punks with dark clothes and multiple piercings and tough looks on the faces. Scowling and every second word seems to be a fuck, rejecting all – how badly were they rejected themselves. and yes the disorganized vibe of drugs but it is more. And i feel like i am loosing it. Or am i?

And the energy is loose and tight at the same time – for while many seem open and glowing, others are scattered and others seem so tightly drawn, protecting themselves,  or hoarding the light they have received.  And that energy that is loose and moving intensifies, bouncing back upon itself, bouncing off the invisible walls. Is it felt in the bounce of the ocean against the land? the mountains behind that keep the vibrations here, that block the flow inland? Is it those who cannot feel it, or in those who can but do not wish to and thus try to shut it down, encouraging all not to break the bounds. but some have, and some succeed, and in others there is the appearance, the words, but the fear of truly letting go – because then what – what if we all did really let go. Would we fall down onto the street, or could we all be uplifted.

And is the darkness within the light, within that which flows and spins, an integral part of it, or has it just been caught, caught in the spin. I feel like i am crazy on the outside, defective but there are so many like me here. And i begin to fear, what if i do really lose it. Is this a breakdown or a breakthrough? Why do i fear letting go? Why are we told to hang on – afraid to think out of the bounds.

I leave, run away from the place, could have just wandered up or down a bit, to the sea or the forest, but instead i go to the city. Process it slowly – can i , do i make a leap. And i begin to wonder if everyone was right – if i should just admit that i am crazy, lay down and admit it, and let myself cross that bridge. Cross over – is the next dimension really there?

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