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Joy on a fall day

I feel so happy in this moment, my cup overflowing with joy. I see the beauty that surrounds and feel connected to the spirit in all. The leaves shine brightly on the trees and flutter in the wind on this late fall day. I feed the cycle of beauty through appreciation and gratitude and by sharing that which has welled up inside. The wind blows strong, and just as the trees cannot cling to the leaves that flutter to the ground, I cannot cling to this moment. But just as the fallen leaves nurture the soil in their decay and contribute to new cycles of growth, i know this moment and the ever fading memories of it will nurture me in any dark days that may lay ahead. The moment is fleeting, but it is, and i am so grateful for that light which shines.


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As i travelled through Nicaragua, and then passed through a poor corner of Honduras and then El Salvador i began to understand the ¨tica mentality¨a bit more – i know i generalize here, but the feeling that i had in Costa Rica was different, a country that prides itself on being middle class and peaceful and in many ways it is. When i was there i sensed an underlying conservatism, not in the sense of right wing at all, but in the sense of playing it safe. And it does that in my mind. But the people there seem to be aware of how good they have it compared to their neighbours, and are grateful for what they have, something that i think we have often lost in North America, for we know no different than the life we have had. There a focus on the dailyness, yes the family which we lack, and on simple consumption, but knowing that they are much better off than the neighbours to the north and south, acutely aware of it ‘ though poverty exists – ive read about 20% or so of the population ‘- about the same as in ¨the north¨ they do not focus on it – perhaps a blind eye, for it is not as bad as elsewhere, and they have education, healthcare etc – things that are not blindly taken for granted. And there is peace – and has been for a while – not the wars and conflicts and dictatorships that have plaqued its neighbors, and an awareness of it. In North America we have know life without war on our lands for so long we take it for granted. There is an appreciation for what they have.

And much of the land is preserved, not deforested or stripped away, much sold to tourism, but i guess thats the price to pay.

But there is also the feeling of being under seige – of crime and gangs in the cities where most people life, of no-go zones, (like in some places in the usa) and an economy in trouble, where ends are harder to meet, work hard and long, but can you make do, can you hang on. And much of the land is now for sale, not a bubble, for the world is global and a crisis in one land hits another, as the gringos try to sell the homes they can not longer afford, and neither can the locals.

But while there is a clinging and a consumer mentality, there seems to be an appreciation for what has been achieved. An appreciation us northerners do not always know.

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