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A channeling i received 2 days ago – the first of several received in the past that i have recorded:

It is not quite yet time to make this journey into the next world – but the time is near, it is on the horizon and many of you can sense it. I am preparing you, for you cannot yet go as you are. The changes are being made, in your dna, in your most basic structure, and as in the past – some will make the leap in a single generation – some have already gone in the last centuries, and others have passed through before you, but in the traditional passing that you know as death. And just as groups are about to pass through now, groups have passed through en masse in the past. this time it will be different, for in this world you have not already gathered in one place, are interspersed amongst the peoples, learning and teaching, joined in, not a separate caste and you will pave the way.
The land is not new, it has always been there, since time immemorial but you have been unable to see, and for those who have had glimpses to believe that it is a place that you may journey to in your lifetime – but the veils are being lifted – but you must work to help them lift, to show that you are ready.

Close to 500 years ago, the leap was also made with the “discovery” of the america’s – a new land opened up to some of your ancestors whose society had not even imagined that such a place existed – it was not on the map – but that it was “found” was no mere accident of history. But you were not ready or open to learn from those who passed through before you – you brought too much of yourselves but in doing so provided an opportunity for many.

The lessons have been hard, to those of you who were brought by force on ships of darkness, it was not in vain, for it is from this land that the next leap will be made. for those of you who had not made the leap with “your people” the disappeared civilizations that were not to be found or that were mere shadows of their previous glory when “white man’ arrived, and who have been persecuted and stripped of your heritage, all is not in vain. For people of every nations – one by one, and two by two will make the voyage – arriving at slightly different times. I pray that you have learned and that the energetic transformations you are undergoing will prepare you to honour the new land ahead.

again, not all will go or make the leap – for some are to remain here, to reincarnate upon this land, not as punishment but to lead, to help those who are not able to go to the new land through the dark ages that will come, to shine lights and to be lights here – for as you have learned on what you call planet earth, is that all is interconnected, all is intertwined, and the new land is not a place to run or escape to but to continue your evolution, and through that help bring light to all the world, just as those have passed through try to bring light here – may you learn to listen, open your ears to hear and eyes to see.

Dark forces remain, try to strip this birthright from you. Too many of your brothers and sisters who have been granted a glimpse are afraid to see and believe and have been punished and drugged to block or distort the visions and knowledge. May you provide a light. and so many are distracted with the things of the world, the trinkets and dramas that they are blind and deaf, and other barely survive on this plane. in the last century, and especially in the last 20 years you have been brought closer and closer together in what you call “globalization” so that you may share the knowledge that had previously been kept by one group or another.

And just as the “discovery” of the americas and the trade routes connected several worlds, you who journey to the next will still be in contact with this “world” and new routes of travel are opened up. You will find many there, civilizations of many kinds, who have been isolated from you for many generations – they too are being prepared for a change – may it be an exchange this time and not a conquest.

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