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Flooded Routes

Water pours in – flooding tunnels down below, at a place that is the centre of a U, connecting two sides, making them one, in the underground, the journeys beneath. two lines that go far up, connecting beyond, now seperate until the water is cleared.  For the moment, turned back in two places, having to come up to the surface there, in the center can not pass through otherwise. A quick journey takes much longer, need to find alternate routes, routes that we not designed to take on the extra load, and others means of going added on. Or journeys not made, plans altered, alternatives found. I was not going there today, was getting off where it stopped anyways, and returned early, before it was too full, as it was could not get on the first one, had to wait, and as it was had altered my route, but made it back before the waters came down from above again. In the 3D world – the story is – Union Station subway flooded, trains turned around at Bloor and Osgoode, has been at least all afternoon, continuing now, yet this speaks on so many levels.

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