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I come to a city and take pictures of ducks in the river – the ducks that give me peace and joy, the ducks i commune with in many locales. but what do these pictures represent – is this reno, should i be taking pictures of the casinos and run-down motels downtown, the sprawl outside the downtown with cars filling the too wide streets with big box stores and parking lots? is that not more typical o…f here? or the neighborhoods, homes of all sorts and i have taken a few of the trees. am i distorting the ‘reality’ of here, creating something in photos that is not? or am i taking a slice of the town, the river area, and calling it forth with love. I took some other shots yesterday on halloween, feel invasive taking photos of people on the street except when someone asks me to (on their camera) which happens a few times a week in many locales. i record the human life in words, and call forth that which makes me smile, even if i do not document the all


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The waves crashed over the rocks and as i felt the power and passion of the ocean so alive, i came alive myself. the power of the water, shaping and transforming what appears so solid. This is the coast i fell in love with – here, elsewhere, waves crashing over rocks and onto cliffs, dancing.watching a stormy sea from a safe place, or the ocean speaking under a sunny sky like today, waiting for the next biggie, the tides, the time between the waves, waiting, anticipating, growing, it comes, but how and where, being at one with the moment, with the sea, with life.

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Safe Harbour

Cormorants, pelicans, seagulls and seals gathering on rock formations. Normally this speaks so strongly to me, but today it did less so, even with a sea otter swimming nearby (not in pix) and the sound of sea lions further away. The boats tied up in a ‘safe’ harbour, a place i have returned to again – the sea air felt cloying today, heavy, almost oppressive and was not just the kelp on shore at this time of year. Beauty, and interplay of life, but i felt something missing, as i often do when i come to a safe harbour – a rest, but like the boats anchored down, not fulfilling my role – but what is that – do i really know ?

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